Angie Seaman - Physical Education/Athletic Director

The Hawks athletics program are striving to achieve excellence. More importantly, our athletes and programs are ambassadors of County Central High School. Our expectation is that both coaches and athletes will represent our school with great sportsmanship, respect and dignity.  County Central extracurricular program emphasizes the relationship between academics and activities that promote excellence. This opportunity will allow for academic success enhanced and enriched by athletic programs that foster the development of teamwork, cooperation, social skills and responsibility. These activities demand a high level of commitment, excellence, and self-motivation, which will help prepare students for the challenges they will meet outside the school community. 

Our programs focus on training students in fundamental skills and strategies enabling participants to realize a degree of individual and team success and gratification. In addition, we strive to teach positive values, pride of accomplishments, acceptable social behaviors, camaraderie, self-discipline and self- confidence. It is our goal to provide a lifetime experience for every young person involved in CCHS Hawks athletics.

It is a privilege for students to participate in extracurricular athletics. Participation is voluntary and is not a requirement, nor is it an entitlement. Therefore, extra time and effort are required of those who participate. Since the reputation of the school is often judged by its extra-curricular programs, high standards must be maintained. Those who earn the privilege of representing County Central High School in extracurricular athletics are expected to accept greater responsibilities as school citizens.

Participation in extracurricular athletics is open to all students provided they meet the general requirements as outlined in this handbook, and any requirements specific to the activity of their choice