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On these pages you can find course outlines and links to helpful pages. This site has been created to help our students be successful; hopefully, any information you may need can be found here. If you think something should be included that isn't, let me know!

Teaching  Philosophy

  • I believe that every student can learn and that every student can be successful.
  • I believe in the principles of assessment for learning. We apply many types of assessment to understand our learning and record progress.
  • Learning is more important than a mark.
  • In most cases we get a second (or third or fourth) chance to demonstrate our skills.
  • There are different ways to demonstrate knowledge of a subject.
  • Everyone has a right to have her/his voice heard; in our classes we respect the speaker.
  • Respect is our one rule; everything we do is rooted in respect.

Assessment is broken into two distinct types. Summative assessment is the reported grade. It is a snapshot of learning at a particular time. Summative assessment criteria are taken directly from the Alberta Program of Studies: these are the only criteria that are used. Summative assessment summarizes and categorizes learning. Its value is to act as a report of a student's progress at that particular time.

Formative assessment items are reported to parents and include activities and exercises that help students form an understanding of their progress. These include exit cards (questions at the end of a lesson), formative quizzes (short exams that provide feedback on knowledge), group activities and presentations, answering questions in class, discussing topics and complete class notes. Teachers observe and record progress to report a more complete picture of overall progress: formative assessment is a critical factor in this report.
Each course has distinct Assessment and Evaluation criteria. Please review the course syllabi for more information.

All students will:

  • come to class prepared to learn,
  • be expected to engage with course content (participate in class discussions, group projects, presentations, and written assignments) and
  • act in a respectful manner that is appropriate for a classroom setting.

About Mr. Shain
I'm an artist with a Diploma in Art and Design and a Fine Arts Degree with a Double Major in Sculpture and Drawing. My first education degree is in Secondary Art Education. I am a father and grandfather and I live here in Vulcan. My hobbies include fishing and gaming. My door is always open, drop by if there's any way that I can support your learning!