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Parent Council’s Fundraising Society, “Friends of CCHS” is Putting on a Raffle

CCHS Parent Council’s Fundraising Society, “Friends of CCHS” is putting on a raffle this year as their annual fundraiser to support school programs.  Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased from the school office or via this website:  This website also provides more information on the raffle.

First prize: A stay at Sunrise Mountain House, Las Vegas (up to 6 people, up to 7 days) and a $500 voucher from Vulcan Travel - Retail value $3500

Second prize: Panorama Resort Stay (May 18-24, 2015) - Retail value $1500

Third prize: $100 Market Street Gift Certificate - Retail value $100.

1000 tickets printed.  Draw date is February 27th, 2015.


Why parent council raises funds: to support the programs for the students, like the mentorship program, drama, band, etc... student trips, like the leadership conference, band trip, etc.. We do it for student scholarships and awards, like the parent council award that had a tie this year.  We do it for supporting the grad committee to ensure our grads have something to remember CCHS by.  We do it for purchasing turkeys for Christmas dinner and for supplies for the "Welcome Back Breakfast".  All of these items are covered under what we do and fundraise for.  We do not have a specific project we are fundraising for at this time.  We are very blessed to have groups like Sports Council to put forth projects like the bleacher project and CRC upgrades.  Student Councils take care of many other fundraising projects and we try not to duplicate anyone else’s FR projects, hence having a raffle like this one.  We don’t do magazine sales (junior high does that), we do not do cookie dough or pizzas, the sports teams do those.  We do not do concessions or tournaments (sports council or specific teams do those items). We do not do garage sales or bake sales (marine bio and a few other groups did those).  We fundraise to be able to be proactive in supporting items that students and staff bring forth that they think would benefit the school and students.  In order to successfully do that we need to fund raise before we can earmark solidly dollars.  We need to be ready when the request comes forth or we are scrambling and trying to play catch up.  Also we try not to step on anyone else’s fund raising efforts.  That means we have to be more creative. We try to offer an item that has fair value to it, creates funds for Parent Council and is exciting for people to participate in.


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