Welcome to Mrs. Porath's Page!

Mrs. Porath began teaching at Vulcan Outreach, now known as Palliser Beyond Borders at Vulcan, and County Central High School in August 2008. She lives with her husband, Kiel, their children, Easton and Emily, and dog, Beau, in Vulcan. Mrs. Porath made the move to being full time at County Central in January. This semester Mrs. Porath teaches Science 10, 14, 24, and Foods 10, 20, 30 with County Central. In her spare time, Mrs. Porath runs the Drama Club. She is looking forward to Yearbook this year! It will be coming up May 10-12, 2018!


Mrs. Porath has appointment slots available. Please note that default appointment slots are 15 minutes. If you require more than 15 minutes, book more than one slot. It may also be possible to get help outside of these times, but you will have to discuss it one on one with Mrs. Porath.

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